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Apr. 22, 2015

I found ReDo Homes website while browsing for residential construction companies so I can get my basement finished. I needed a bedroom, bathroom, and a couple of closets. From the first moment after meeting them I was thoroughly impressed. Everything from the estimate, construction, service, craftsmanship, and quality of work was excellent. Their pricing was lower than many other local companies but they provided an expedient yet high quality work. My wife and I were extremely satisfied and pleased with the work. They went above and beyond to ensure everything we wanted and needed was done to our satisfaction. I highly recommend this company. 

This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
by Haris B. on Apr. 22, 2015 |
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  • “The quality of service and level of professionalism with the folks from ReDoHomes is fantastic. Being a repeat customer, I am consistently impressed by the knowledge and "get R done" attitude of every staff member I have come in contact with. But what I love the most is their personalities. They love to laugh and work together. It is an uplifting joy to have them in my home. Thank you!”
                                                                                                    Susan B. Martinez - Johnson City 
  • “In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. ReDoHomes was recommended to me by a friend, Susan B. and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
                                                                                                     Joan Whitaker - Johnson City
  • I am a widow woman and am very nervous to allow anyone into my home. There are so many con-artists in the world today. I saw an add in the paper and what led me to call ReDoHomes is the local Jonesborough phone number. The fact that they had a permanent phone not just a cell phone, assured me they work and live locally, not just flying through by the night winds. Once they were here, not only did I find a reliable handyman service, but I have made some life long friends. They are indeed wonderful people and I thank God, they have come into my life.  This woman was a real sweetheart. She wrote this beautiful note to us. When asked if we could share it on our website, she said she would be thrilled to allow it, but we were asked to allow her to remain anonymous as she is fearful of being alone.
  • After having ReDoHomes in our home, no one else will ever compare. They are my kind of people.                                                                                                     John & Fran
  • I work with ReDoHomes. I leave the fancy stuff to them, but I can cut grass and trim a lawn in nothing flat. I became aquainted with ReDoHomes through a mutual friend. I ended up having a full basement remodeled into a bedroom, living area, storage area and a full bathroom,while leaving a 2 car garage intack and a secure entry system. In the course of getting to know them, they continue to do the remodeling, but I work with them on the lawn care end of the business. So maybe some day I will meet you as well.
                                                                Paul Widner - ReDoHomes - Green Team Mowing
Hi, my name is Linda Sands and I want to share my home renovation with you. 
I was so anxious to get the work started, I did not think to take pictures
before most of the work was done, but am proud to show you the
finished jobs. It has been wonderful getting aquainted with and having
ReDoHomes here with me. We have become such good friends.

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