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Complete Basement


                          Concrete Floor

                          Added Closet

             Trimmed around windows

Originally this room had a wood stove with
red brick mantel, app. 3ft tall, & had no hearth.

Fireplace area and hearth is Real Slate Tile

Crown Molding added throughout room

 Oak Stair Treads and hand rail

Embellishments on fireplace 

Precise painting job on stairs and entire room.

                    Closet that was added


                                 Tile Floor

        Boxed in Stair Case and added Closet

Added Shelves and racks inside new closet

Added Hearth and columns from hearth to ceiling for added depth perception.

Matched Ceramic Tile to slate on Fireplace

Overview of staircase closed in and closet under the stairs

Detail of columns and crown molding

Coming down the stairs

Art Deco work with tile at bottom of staris

Detail on painting / staining on stairs 

Closet on far end and wainscoting throughout room